Addition with LEGO Bricks

This sample was built in response to the Articulate Storyline E-Learning Heroes Challenge #180 (Using LEGO Bricks to Design Interactive Lesson Plans in E-Learning). This challenge asked designers to create a short, interactive lesson using LEGO bricks as the primary teaching tool on the topic of our choice.


For this challenge, I took my content inspiration from a good friend who is a preschool teacher. We discussed the ways she uses LEGO bricks in her daily teaching and I learned that LEGO bricks are frequently used to teach arithmetic to children. I chose to design a game for adults that put a competitive twist on a topic traditionally taught to young learners.

After a brief explanation of addition, the player is given instructions to play the game. The goal of the game is to add together as many LEGO bricks as you can in 30 seconds. The screen displays a countdown from 30 seconds in the corner which flashes red when fewer than five seconds remain. The game tracks how many answers the player got correct and the total is displayed after time runs out.

The theme was designed to evoke a feeling of a classroom and of playing with LEGO bricks. The instructions and results slides are displayed on chalkboard backgrounds with the titles in handwriting font for consistency with the theme and a simple sans serif font for the body text for readability. The game itself is played on a field of green, chosen to evoke the green baseplate. All colors in the game, from the bricks to the green baseplate background, are the official LEGO colors as available online. All graphics were designed from scratch in PowerPoint.


Click the image below to view the interaction. The link will open in a new window; if viewing on a mobile device, you may be prompted to download the Articulate Mobile Player.