Interactive Grammar


Peace Corps requested a training module on English grammar to support its new Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Certificate program. The program is a 30-month continuum of learning that provides over 120 hours of training and ongoing professional development, including ten e-learning modules, to its overseas Volunteer English teachers.


This introductory grammar module was converted from an in-person training session with a PowerPoint to an Articulate Storyline SCORM. I worked closely with the TEFL SME to ensure content accuracy while creating new interactive elements to improve learner engagement with the content. Since the content is complex and dry, we made an overt effort to engage the learners with the content as much as possible. The result was a module full of unique interactions designed to challenge the learner. Rather than rely on the built-in Storyline interactions, I created interactions from scratch to achieve the desired experience.

In order to create a cohesive suite of modules, I custom designed the style guide of fonts, colors, and player which I then implemented across the suite. I based all interactions and knowledge checks of subsequent modules off this first module while still retaining the uniqueness of the content. This similarity makes the learner feel more comfortable throughout the suite.


This module is the most highly rated of the course. Both the learners and the SME consistently praise the level of interaction of the module.


Click the image below to view a short demo of this module. This demo contains the morphology section of the module and highlights some of the custom interactions I built. The full module can be available upon request. The link will open in a new window; if viewing on a mobile device, you may be prompted to download the Articulate Mobile Player.